Sanding Equipment

Sanding projects work smoothly when you have the right equipment. At Pasco Rentals we have tools to sand floors, walls, decks, houses, ceilings and more.

Sanding projects don’t always go as smooth as you would like, but with the right equipment they can be easier.   Are you sanding wood, metal, concrete or something else?  Is it a floor, wall, door or maybe a piece of furniture?  No matter what your task may be, there is a sander here for you.  For your wood floors and decks, we rent a 12″ x 18″ orbital pad sander, but for a concrete floor, we rent a 15″ disc sander.  If its drywall you’re sanding, then the Porter-Cable drywall sander with a shop vacuum hose attached for dust collection is an excellent choice.  Furniture sanding usually needs a palm grip finish sander,  while rough lumber needs a belt sander to get smooth results.  Older lap siding uses a siding sander while newer siding might use a pistol grip, 5″ or 7″ disc sander.  If our overwhelming choices of sanders has you confused, let us help you sort it out! Give us a call or stop by!


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