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Refill Propane Tanks at our Convenient Drive-Up Station!

Easy outdoor drive-up access for all trucks and RV’s!

Fast, friendly service and extremely low prices!

Serving Pasco, Kennewick, Richland and beyond!

Our LOW prices and unbeatable service make it worth the drive!

If you don’t have your own tank, we have tanks for sale and tanks for rent!


Pay by Card at the Pump!

We know that our propane pumps can be busy at times and
we have been working hard to streamline our propane sales.

With the addition of our computer cart, you can now pay outside
and save a trip inside the store on busy days to avoid the rental line.

*Cash sales must be paid inside at the front counter

“Should I Refill My Propane Tank or Exchange It For a New One?”

 The answer is simple – when you refill your old propane tank, the tank is filled to its maximum safe capacity for just a fraction of the cost of exchanging your old tank for a new one.

When exchanging a tank, your tank is only filled to about 75% capacity, and you may pay twice as much! That extra 25% of propane could get you another 4-5 hours of grilling time!

Refilling = Save Money & Grill Longer!

To see the science behind this, take a look at Moving Insider’s illustrated article:

Propane Exchange vs. Refill: Myth Busted.