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Corwin Co., Inc., a family-owned and operated business since 1988, is excited to share that we’ve purchased Pasco Rentals, a local company serving the Pasco community for over 55 years. The same friendly faces you know are still here to help you out, and we’ve got so much more to offer! Come see how we can help you maximize profitability on your next job with pro tools and building supplies.  Every day, we’ll be offering so much more as we continue to merge with NW Construction Supply.  Count on us for the same quick and friendly service you’re used to, now with even more ways to save time and money on your projects.

We’re here to support you every step of the way! 

What Rental Services Do We Offer?

We focus on renting out tools and equipment to homeowners, landscapers, small businesses, and independent contractors.

We strive to provide fast service and helpful instructions to the average person. Whether they want to fix up their homes, clean up their lawns and gardens, or have a backyard weddings, we aim to be your one stop shop.

While many people cannot afford to purchase larger expensive equipment for quick projects or one-time use, we provide low-cost rental services that allow them to use the tools they need for any small job at an affordable rate, instead of shelling out a lot of hard-earned money to buy a tool that may only be used once a year.

We also provide many party equipment rentals for large parties, weddings, or corporate events. We have canopies for shade, cooking and catering equipment, concessions equipment, tables and chairs, staging, fans, heaters, and much more. At Pasco Rentals, we aim to have all the products you need to throw the perfect party at everyday low prices.

We also carry many retail products that can help with any task at hand, including safety equipment, tool and equipment accessories, and party supplies that go with our party rental items.

Kids enjoying free slushies from our Frozen Drink Machine Rental at Pasco Rentals!

Looking for the Best Rental Store Near You?

Maybe you’re on the job site, and you realize you need another tool or piece of equipment to get the job done – but it’s not in your arsenal at hand. Maybe you’re at home, working on a new remodel or your summer landscaping project, and you find a new problem that needs to be solved – but you don’t have the right equipment or tools on hand to finish the job. What do you do now?

You may pull out your smartphone and ask the ever-wise Siri or Google: “find an equipment rental store near me” — and now you’re on the right track to finishing the task at hand. In fact, maybe that’s how you got here and found us, Pasco Rentals! If so…

You’ve found the right rental store near you!

We’re glad you stopped by to check out what we have to offer. We’ve moved our entire catalog and inventory of rental items into a smooth online interface, so you can browse and search for the right tool to get the job done even while working! Don’t waste time trying to hunt for your next rental when you’ve got the rental store with some of the lowest and most competitive prices right in your hand or pocket!

We’ve also laid out some easy click-to-call links across the site if you have any questions or want to reserve an item, and some navigational links that’ll put our location right into your smartphone. Give us a call and we’ll pull your equipment aside and have it ready to go when you arrive! We’ve tried to fill our site with easy-to-access features and a smooth navigation system so you won’t be stuck searching for a items in rental store near you again!

We serve the entire Tri-Cities, Washington area and surrounding cities. As an added bonus, we give you an additional 30-minutes of travel time! We hope it helps you get the job done on time and under-budget.

Pasco Rentals, Inc. is a long-established party and equipment rental company serving the greater Tri-Cities area, in Washington State.