Urine-Rx (Gallon)

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Urine-RX is the product you’ve been waiting for to eliminate urine odor!

A new puppy can bring a lot of joy, but it can also bring a lot of unwanted odors and stains. The same goes for toddlers who are potty-training. If you’re looking to eliminate the smells that your little one has left behind, Urine-Rx is the product for you.

Urine-Rx is very popular for removing all types of urine odors, especially those of pets.  This product actually removes the hard to remove smells for good!  This amazing product has special bacteria strains that actually digest complex proteins, fats and cellulose so it doesn’t just mask the smell – it gets rid of it for good! While urine will damage your carpet, Urine-RX doesn’t.

After soaking up the initial urine spot, apply the Urine-RX to the location and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. After letting it sit, scrub the spot, and soak up the remaining liquid. Yes, it’s that simple! This product is one that will make a long lasting difference in your cleaning supplies. After using this amazing cleaner, we’re sure you’ll always want to keep some on hand.

Whether you are potty training a toddler or a puppy – you will be glad you used this product.

We carry Urine-Rx in quart and gallon sizes. Our prices for this product are the lowest you’ll find! Even lower than Amazon.

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