Margarita Machine for Slushies and Frozen Drinks

Rental Rates:

First Day (24-Hours): $100.00

Each Additional Day: $50.00

Weekly (7-Days): $300.00

Monthly (31-Days): $900.00

We provide 30-MINUTES OF TRAVEL TIME FREE on every rental!

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Our Margarita Machine is perfect for hot summer parties! It has dual barrels to make slushies for kids on one side, and frozen drinks for adults on the other!

This margarita machine will make your party a hit with adults. It makes fantastic frozen drinks for kids too! Whether you’re hosting a summer birthday party for a bunch of children, wanting to provide frozen granita coffee drinks at your next corporate event, or just looking to kick it up a notch at your next party by offering margaritas or frozen alcoholic beverages on tap – this machine is sure to please everyone!

Add 3 gallons of slush drink mix to make approximately 3.5 gallons of frozen slush PER side.

We carry a wide selection of frozen drink and slushie flavors, including margarita, pina colada, fruit punch, and even have a freezing neutral base so you can create your own flavored mixtures!

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Want to make your own boozy frozen drink? No problem. Check out this guide to making the perfect slushy!

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Additional information


20" W x 34.5" H x 24.5" D

Alternate Names (AKA)

Frozen Drink Machine, Granita Machine, Slurpee Machine, Slushie Machine


3.7 Gallons per Side