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A lawn seeder (also known as a “overseeder”) can be used to help fill in bare patches of grass. It can also help plant new seed to invigorate your lawn with new growth!

This lawn overseeder from Bluebird is a machine that slices seed into existing lawns to fill bare patches or to plant new seed on bare ground.  An overseeder can also be called a slit seeder due to the way the thin blades slice the soil.  A seed bin, that is attached to the machine, drops the seed and the blades slice it into the soil creating a good seed to soil contact.  Its best to make two cross-hatch-style passes that are at a 45 degree angle one way and then a 45 degree angle the other way creating a diamond pattern.

You can find the instruction manual here:

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20 lbs seed


140 lbs empty


Briggs and Stratton 6HP