Moving Equipment

Moving can be backbreaking work!  Take home some of our moving equipment, like an appliance dolly or a piano dolly to make it easier! 

If you have to move, we have what you need to help ease the pain of loading up your belongings. Moving a refrigerator or the washer and dryer are awkward to move, but use an appliance dolly and it’s not so bad!  We rent a selection of hand trucks and piano dollies, as well as heavy duty hydraulic dual truck dollies for gun safes.  Not so well known is the forearm forklift for moving matresses and other furniture.  Check out the video here!  A new addition to our equipment is the van walk ramp,  in case your truck doesn’t have one. It has a maximum height of 52″ and is 14′ long and perfect for rolling heavy items up where they need to go!  We also rent utility trailers (for local use only) for moving or hauling junk to the dump.  Moving doesn’t have to be a hassle!  Let us help you get it done!


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