Nails for roofing, framing and finish carpentry in stock for your project. Rent a nail gun and pick up the nails for your job with just one easy stop!

If you’re tackling that new roof without a contractor, we rent  nail guns and stock the accessories you need! We have shovels for stripping off old shingles and hammer staplers for tacking down the felt paper. Would you like to install trim around a new door?  No problem!  Our DIY customers rent either brad or finish nailers, and buy the nails for them right here from us!  Whether you want to install siding on your garage or a put up a new fence, we also have siding nail guns with ring nails!  We carry small guns, like our pin nailer, in addition to large nailers, like the framing gun. We currently we stock nails for both types of nailers.  If you need to nail it, we can help!


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