Painting and pressure washing equipment and supplies will have your house looking like new! If you have a painting project, we have the tools you need!

Prepping to paint is no problem with our pressure washers and sanding tools.  The first step is usually cleaning up with a 3500 psi pressure washer when painting your house.  It cleans up with ease and removes any loose paint.  If there are any difficult spots, our selection of sanders can help you finish the prep work.  Finally, the all important airless paint sprayer with it’s 50′ paint hose is capable of spraying most house paints. For odd ball paint jobs, like a metal door, need an oil based paint with a thinner in it.  Just pick up a quart paint gun and an air compressor with a moisture trap to get it done. When you need to add texture to the job, we carry texture guns, stirrers, and buckets.  Finally, if you want to clean up your parking lot, our handy paint striping tool can touch up the lines.  Whatever your paint job, we’ll try to cover it!


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