Plumbing Problems? Try a drain snake or a kinetic water ram for your clogged pipes. We have the tools you need for all your plumbing repair work,

If you own a home, then you know that the plumbing requires maintenance and repair from time to time.  When you need us, we have tools for rent that can make your job easier.  Did the the kids flush the dog toy down the toilet?  Our toilet auger, or trap snake, is usually the best answer.  For clogged sinks we rent 25′ drain snakes or a kinetic water ram to clear it up.  If you are not familiar with the water ram watching the video to understand how it works!    Older houses have metal pipes so we carry a large selection of pipe cutters and pipe dies for those jobs.   If you want to avoid calling the plumber, call us first!  Finally, if you have tree roots that have clogged your 4″ main line, you will probably need to call a plumber.


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