Patio Heater (40k BTU)

Rental Rates:

Day (24-Hours): $25.00

Weekly (7-Days): $100.00

Monthly (31-Days): $300.00

We provide 30-MINUTES OF TRAVEL TIME FREE on every rental!

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Rent this lightweight, easy to transport patio heater from Pasco Rentals. It turns on by pushing a button and heats a large circular area from 12-20 feet for up to 15 hours.

Find yourself getting chilly on the patio out back during the evenings? Did you just add outdoor seating to your cafe or restaurant? Maybe you’re hosting a work event? These patio heaters are just the thing you’re looking for! They’re easy to transport, lightweight, and super easy to use. By just the press of a button, your patio heater will be up and running, keeping you and your guests warm.

These patio heaters will help you heat up your evening outdoors for 10 – 15 hours with just the patio heater and a 5 gallon propane tank. It’s perfect for chilly nights in the early spring or fall. With colder weather approaching fast, you may want a couple to keep things warm! This patio heater heats up to a 20′ circle around itself. Therefore if you have an area a little larger than 20′, you may want to rent a couple so that no one is left out in the cold.

With your patio heater rental, we also provide a full propane tank for your convenience. During your return we will top it off on, so that you’re only paying for the propane you used!

*** For outdoor use only! ***

As well as patio heaters, we also provide small, medium, and large canopy heaters for different sizes of events! We offer many different kinds of heater units that may better meet your needs, such as patio heaters, a variety of space heaters, and more. If you’re unsure what size heater you need, check out the Heating Estimator below, or give us a call!


  Use this Heating Estimator to find out the BTU Requirements for your Heater!

Additional information


7' 6"

Fuel Consumption

0.5 gal / hour

More Information

5 Gal Propane Tank Included With Rental (pay only for propane used)

Clearance Required

4' Top and 2' Sides


DO NOT USE if wind speed is greater than 10mph!