Cold? Rent a heater! We carry electric, diesel and propane gas space heaters in multiple sizes. From the patio to the job site, we can keep you warm!

When you want your tailgate party to be the best, pick up one of the infared patio heaters! Furthermore, they can also help keep the party and the mess OUTSIDE in the fall and winter months!  Just pair them up with a canopy and some string lights, and you have the best outdoor party in town!  Pasco Rentals carries a wide selection of high quality heaters starting with a small 1500 watt electric heater, going up to a large 375,000 BTU propane heater when it’s super cold outside!  No matter what size you need to keep warm, we probably have a heater to meet your need.    Finally we even carry diesel or kerosene radiant heaters for new construction drywall. No matter how cold it is, we can keep you warm.  You’re Welcome.


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