Forced Air Space Heater (400k BTU)

Rental Rates:

Day (24-Hours): $50.00

Weekly (7-Days): $200.00

Monthly (31-Days): $600.00

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Rent a 400,000 BTU forced air heater from Pasco Rentals. This large heater will heat potato sheds and other large storage areas to keep them from freezing.

With the colder weather of fall and winter, you might need a little help keeping warm on the job. Our large space heater is perfect for you! It might not look like much, but this large space heater will help you get the job done, while keeping you warm. It’s ease of use and easy transportation make it a great option for you. This large propane heater is perfect for use in potato sheds and other large storage areas or construction sites with the proper ventilation.

The L.B. White Tradesman 400 propane space heater outputs heat between 250,000 to 400,000 BTU (British Thermal Units) using a 1582 CFM fan. This is the largest forced air heater that we rent. It requires a 120V power supply and a minimum of (2) 25 gallon propane tanks to operate. The maximum operating time with two full tanks of propane is 10 hours.

When renting this heater, we provide 2 full propane tanks. During your return, we top off the tanks so that you only pay for the propane used at our current propane price!  As the temperature drops, you will need more propane tanks to operate this heater.

*** Not for use in residential living areas or inadequately ventilated areas! Proper ventilation is required during operation! At least a 6 foot by 6 foot opening to fresh air! ***

You can find the instruction manual here:

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