5 Gallon Propane Tank for Purchase

Purchase Price: $55.00

Full Day (24-Hours): $

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Purchase a new 20-lb. empty refillable 5 gallon propane tank and we’ll fill it for you at our current propane price! Works with all LPG BBQ grills.

When you purchase your new tank, we’ll fill it for you at our current propane price!  (We fill this size of tank with 4.5 gallons of propane when it is empty.) You can buy propane gas and refill tanks at our convenient drive-up station!

We offer an easy outdoor drive-up access for all trucks and RV’s with fast, friendly service and extremely low prices! Serving Pasco, Kennewick, Richland and beyond! Our LOW prices and unbeatable service make it worth the drive! Check out our current propane price! If you don’t have your own tank, we have tanks for sale and tanks for rent in 5, 7.5, 10, and 25 gallon sizes. We also carry 5 gallon tanks for purchase!

“Should I Refill My Propane Tank or Exchange It For a New One?” The answer is simple – when you refill your old propane tank, the tank is filled to its maximum safe capacity for just a fraction of the cost of exchanging your old tank for a new one. When exchanging a tank, your tank is only filled to about 75% capacity, and you may pay twice as much! That extra 25% of gas could get you another 4-5 hours of grilling time! Refilling = Save Money & Grill Longer!

To see the science behind this, take a look at Moving Insider’s illustrated article: Propane Exchange vs. Refill: Myth Busted.


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