Miscellaneous tools and equipment for rent at Pasco Rentals.  When searching for unique, hard to find, and specialty items, check here!

As you might expect, some equipment just didn’t fit into any of our categories!  For instance, we carry bike racks and cargo carriers for your family vacation.  And for the fisherman in the family, we have a lead melting pot and molds for making your own weights! We carry metal detectors for the treasure hunter, and a wheeled lot magnet to pick up roofing nails after you put on that new roof.  We’ll even rent you something as simple as a large garbage can for your party or yard work.  How about an overhead projector to paint a mural on your child’s bedroom wall with their favorite superhero?  Even chimney brushes can be found for rent in our miscellaneous category.  When you are trying to find that unique item, look for it here!


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